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Welcome to The Wiki Collaborative Composition Project.


I created this page as an experiment with wiki in the world of composition. Using Sibelius 4.0, I have started a piece for middle school band (8 measures) at a Grade 2 level of difficulty. It is my hope that you will download the file and add 8 measures of your own. The project is open to anyone who would like to add to the work - including students in elementary, middle and high school, as well as college students, teachers, and composers.  I have recently included a work for middle school chorus as well set to The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost.  If you are more comfortable composing for this ensemble, please visit the Choral Wiki Composition page.


Here are the ground rules to keep us all on the same page:


  1. For this project, we will be using Sibelius 4.0 and 5.0 exclusively. Although I use Finale frequently and think it’s a great application, I decided on Sibelius 4.0 snf 5.0 because I realize that many have not yet upgraded. If you have an earlier version of Sibelius, you won’t be able to participate. Sorry.
  2. This piece should not be through-composed. In order to keep things on track, let’s use a standard A - B - A form. Please be mindful of form and the thematic material that has come before.
  3. While there is no limit to the length of the piece, it should be appropriate for a middle school band.
  4. You may add 8 measures at a time, but you must wait until someone else has added to the composition before adding additional measures.
  5. You can add less than 8 measures, or even a few bars of one instrument if you’d like.  Don’t feel that you need to compose 8 full measures - especially if you having students participate.
  6. You may always edit any of the material in the previous measures, though you are not required to.
  7. You must sign your name in boxed text above the measures you composed.
  8. The finished piece will not be published through a traditional outlet. It will only be available for free on this site. No commercial gain shall be received by any of the composers involved.


I am hoping that this piece will be finished by the end of the school year and that it might be performed by multiple groups during the next school year. In order to join the project, simply visit the Wiki Composition Page, download the file, add 8 measures, and send it to my email address: jtfrankel@hotmail.com as a Sibelius 4.0 file. Click HERE to see and hear the latest version of the piece (you’ll need Scorch to view it). I will post all versions of the piece as soon as they are submitted to avoid overlaps.



New Choral Wiki Composition set to The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost!



Click HERE to visit the Choral Wiki Composition Page.



Add Your Own Composition to the Wiki!


If you would like to beging a composition for any type of ensemble for this wiki, I'd love to hear from you!  It's as easy as creating a file in Sibelius and emailing it to me at jtfrankel@hotmail.com.  I'll post the file on this wiki and we'll open it up to the world.





Join The Wiki Collaborative Composition Project!


If you would like to join the project, simply send me an email with your Name, School, Address, and Email Address and I will send you the password to this wiki.  This password will allow you to make edits to the pages contained on the site.  My email address is jtfrankel@hotmail.com.  I look forward to hearing from you!


James Frankel





Let’s get composing!





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